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Animula LEGACY Little Apple Doll
'Animula' LEGACY Little Apple Doll For new collectors of the Little Apple Dolls, we are releasing Series 2 favourite, Animula 14" tall (35.5 cm approx) Animula's costume comprises of hand-knitted bobble hat, red cotton dress (with black satin cuff sleeves) red stretch jersey socks and black faux leather shoes Hand...
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Circe LEGACY Little Apple Doll
14" 'Circe' LEGACY Little Apple Doll Circe the witch was the most popular doll from the very first Little Apple Dolls series. The child of chaos returns! We are re-releasing this much sort-after doll as part of our Legacy Series, celebrating '10 Year of Little Apple Dolls' 14" tall (35.5...
Baby Pang LEGACY Little Apple Doll
Originally created as a 3ft art doll in 2002, Baby Pang along with Sine and Circe is one of the very first Little Apple Dolls. For the first time in our 13 year history, she is available as a collectible vinyl toy 8.5" tall (21.59 cm approx) Baby Pang's striking red and...
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Solus LEGACY Little Apple Doll
First released as a 'Convention Special' back in 2008, this version of Solus is true to the original prototype crafted by the artist. 14" tall (35.5 cm approx) A black wicker 'basket hat' and wooden beads complete Solus' printed sackcloth kimono style dress and majickal woven shawl! Hand painted eyes,...
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Sine LEGACY Little Apple Doll
Sine the Keeper is the very first Little Apple Doll and one third of the series 1 line up (along with Circe and Umbrae). Said to speak in 'rustling leaves and running water' Sine is guardian to all wandering souls (featuring in the majority of doll's narratives) she accompanies them to...
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'Sine of Souls' Legacy Little Apple Doll
First released in 2006 as part of Series 4, Sine of Souls was the first white-haired character to feature in the Little Apple Doll universe! 14" tall (35.5 cm approx) Sine of Souls's outfit is made up of a black 100% polycotton cloak and white cotton under dress  Vinyl body and hand-sewn clothing ...
'Aeger' LEGACY Little Apple Doll
Originally created as a 3ft art doll in 2002, Aeger, the little master of maladies along with Sine, Baby Pang and Circe was among the very first Little Apple Dolls.  8.5" tall (21.59 cm approx) Aeger wears pale blue polycotton pyjama set with repeat pattern sail boats, brown felt slippers and is...
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Timor Balatro 'Legacy' Little Apple Doll
Shape-shifting clown Timor Balatro was first released in 2006 as part of series 4. The outfit shown here was the original design for this character brought back for 2018! 14" tall (35.5 cm approx)  A traditional black and white poly-cotton jumpsuit with red pom-poms, organza ruffle collar and striped socks make...

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