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Sale 'Attabi' Limited Edition Little Apple Doll

'Attabi' Limited Edition Little Apple Doll

  • Attabi our tabby cat themed doll, forms part of a mischievous trio of animal spirits on their way to The Danse of the Departed when they lose their best friend Tig! Does Attabi know more than she's prepared to say?
  • Edition of 75
  • 8.5" tall (21.59 cm approx)
  • Attabi's outfit comprises a plush faux fur cat tail, matching ears and gloves, green suede cat collar as well as a gold and black floral cotton dress with off-white fine anglaise trim.
  • Hand painted eyes, vinyl body and hand-sewn clothing
  • This doll is presented with a certificate of authenticity 
  • The Tabby, The Molly and The Bear story book is to be released digitally, Spring 2018
  • Also included: hand crafted miniature tin of tuna, Little Apple Red rubber foam accessory and pins
  • This item contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 8 years old
  • Please allow 14-21 days for processing (And an additional 3-4 days [U.K.] or 10-12 days [Rest of the World] shipping. (Working days excludes Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)